Nail your first impression

Custom Videos to Promote your Business

The best way to impress a potential customer is by giving them a complete look at what your business has to offer. We can help you do that by showcasing the best of your company’s features in a impactful, concise video built to your needs.

Testimonial Video
Residential - Video For Business
Website/Social Content
Residential - Video For Business
Company Overview
Residential - Video For Business
Heritage Landing Food Truck Festival 2018
Residential - Video For Business

How Do We Capture a Video for Business Video?

1. Initial Meeting

Set up a meeting to discuss the purpose and scope of the video.

2. Pre-production

Come up with the interview questions and shot list for the shoot.

3. Capture Footage

On the shoot day we will capture both the interviews and b-roll footage for the video.

4. Edit

We will edit the first cut of the video and send it out for revisions.

5. Revisions

We allow 2 rounds of revisions before finalizing the video.

Videos for Business FAQs

Some of the most common questions we get:

No, not unless you prefer to. If it’s your first shoot with us, we’d be more than happy to meet you on the site and get to know you better. Otherwise, we can access the home in one of these four ways:

  1. Lockbox code
  2. Door code or Garage code.
  3. Supra eKey
  4. Meet us onsite

Our video content at Oneshot Media, including drone videos and showcasing videos, will be delivered in 2-3 business days.