Client Testimonial Videos
Positive Reviews with Personality

Client Testimonial Videos

An opportunity to share your past clients’ positive experiences to build trust with future clients.

Show it off your way

Agent Walkthrough Videos

So, you’re not a reality TV star. Don’t worry. With some creativity and a well-thought-out script, you can create an awesome walk-through video to show off your listing help increase your chances of scoring an offer.

Get the word out

Social Media Videos

The best videos that you can make as a real estate agent are personalized videos. Sending those personalized videos that answer a question, offer advice, or maybe even personally deliver data from your comparative market analysis (CMA) are going to help take your video marketing to the next level.

Video Content done your way

Custom Video

Bring movement and motion to the story with our custom video package. You bring the concept, we’ll bring our signature architectural video style, industry knowledge, and personalized, however-custom-you-want-it approach, and we’ll work with you to provide as much or as little guidance as you’d like. Popular custom video formats include bios, testimonials, lifestyle, commercial marketing materials, graphics and map packages, specialty home showcases, and social media-optimized formatting…and your next great idea!

How Do We Capture an Agent Branding & Marketing Video?

1. Initial Meeting

Set up a meeting to discuss the purpose and scope of the video.

2. Pre-production

Come up with the interview questions and shot list for the shoot.

3. Capture Footage

On the shoot day we will capture both the interviews and b-roll footage for the video.

4. Edit

We will edit the first cut of the video and send it out for revisions.

5. Revisions

We allow 2 rounds of revisions before finalizing the video.


We put the best talent and most advanced technology to work to provide you with premium videos, at non-premium prices:

Agent Walkthrough Videos

45 sec video and 2-3 business day delivery


Real Estate Marketing FAQs?

Some of the most common questions we get:

Every Branding & Marketing video will be 60-90 seconds long, and will include a personal headshot.

Our video content at Oneshot Media, including drone videos and showcasing videos, will be delivered in 2-3 business days.