What Are the Advantages of Drone Photos & Videos?

Here are some of the benefits of backing your listing with Oneshot's premium drone photos & videos:

Premium Quality

Using our unique front-end lighting techniques, combined with our back-end editing work by hand, we deliver uniquely warm content that showcases the property beautifully & honestly.

Digitally enhanced

Every photograph is fine-tuned to our standard of excellence. We promise blue skies, clean windows, and optimal lighting.

Birds Eye View

This is the best way to showcase acreage and lake front properties.

Evoke Emotion

Let your buyers make a connection with the property by showing them the whole package.

How Does Aerial Drone Photography Work?

1. Capture Footage

An experienced, professional photographer captures high-quality images of your property.

2. Enhancement

The photos are digitally cleaned up and retouched, using Oneshot’s AI-enhanced digital editing software.

3. Selection

The best photos are selected based upon criteria such as lighting and property features.

4. Finalization

The photos are retouched once more for optimal clarity and beauty.

5. Delivery

We deliver your photos by 6:00 PM the next business day to your Client Portal. Note: We do have an option for Rush Delivery for $50 dollars to receive by Noon the next business day.

Multifamily Drone Pricing

Drone Video

30-60 Sec. Video


Drone Photo

5 Photos

Orient & excite your audience

Aerial Drone Videos

Aerial video and photography is the ideal way to create an emotional connection with any property. Our drone videos are set to music, meant to orient and engage the viewer with a series of neighborhood and property-specific drone shots.

Genesee Apartments
Multifamily - Drone
Cedars of Edina
Multifamily - Drone
Applewood Pointe
Multifamily - Drone
The Markham – Drone
Multifamily - Drone

Drone Photo & Video FAQs?

Some of the most common questions we get:

All photos and 3D Tours are delivered by 6:00 pm the next business day. Ex: all Thursday shoots are delivered by 6:00 pm on Friday at the latest. Friday shoots are delivered on Monday. Rush Delivery $50 add-on guarantees a 12:00 pm delivery time.

No, not unless you prefer to. If it’s your first shoot with us, we’d be more than happy to meet you on the site and get to know you better. Otherwise, we can access the home in one of these four ways:

  1. Lockbox code
  2. Door code or Garage code.
  3. Supra eKey
  4. Meet us onsite

All of our photos and videos are delivered to your personalized account.

Create an account or log in here, and you can expect your video to be posted in about 2-3 business days. You should receive an email to notify you when your requested content has been posted.

Our video content at Oneshot Media, including drone videos and showcasing videos, will be delivered in 2-3 business days.